Why I Joined An MLM company

I never really took the initiative to even find out what a MLM was before I signed up for my first one.

So now you’re thinking wait? What does MLM mean? You signed up for more than one?

MLM= Multilevel Marketing in which you are compensated by a company for bringing others on board to sell the same product as you. This is very different from a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is when someone is compensated for building a pyramid in collecting money from groups of people while providing NO benefit to the community, therefore a “Scheme”.

Why did I sign up for more than one?

Well this was not my initial plan. Something important to know whether you have not joined one yet, just recently joined one, or are part of several, is that you can easily be misguided. Since all you have to do to join one of these things is pay a small fee and then you’re in, you have no idea who you are trusting as far as leadership.

1) So my first tip is to make sure you trust who you are going with! How long have you known them? How long have you done business with them?

2) Next, trust sometimes isn’t enough, be sure to educate yourself on the company, the compensation plan, extra fees etc. No one can make you sign up for an MLM. You typed in your card information and hit submit all on your own. You spent the hundreds and hundreds of dollars in investing a home business without personally talking to someone about a real success story. And when I say you, I really mean me. I did this. I invested 3 years of selling, building customers, and collecting team members and realized this product and company was not where I was going to build wealth and financial security for my family. I am grateful for this learning experience so that I can share this with you now and so maybe you can start building wealth in the right company for yourself.

3) As you really push yourself in your company you will start to realy uncover strengths and interests that you never even knew about. As you grow and mature into this independant buisness woman you may find that selling dresses with unicorn prints is not really who you are or selling sparkly nail\n\n stickers. If it is. Then love it completely and run with it! I learned after sometime that I did not want to represent a nail sticker club. So I started looking other places and compared my income to effort ratios and found some way better options.

4) Are you passionate about more than one thing? WE ALL ARE! I have learned that if you are part of an MLM that discourages you from trying other products or signing up for discounts or even selling more than one, there is a possibility that is because they are insecure about the idea that there might be better options and you won’t stay. When you are first learning how to be successful in an MLM you HAVE to ABSOLUTELY love the company. I have a friend that had thousands of women on her team and hundreds of customers and walked away becase this company did not fulfill her, in her family and as an individual. So I suggest really loving what you are going to invest a life time building. This same thing happened to me. I jumped around quite a bit until I found my true passion and still allowed plenty of time with my 4 kids, husband, keep the job I loved, and finish school.

We Work To Live. Not Live To Work.

Like I said earlier. It is very important that you are passionate about it. However, you do not want to allow yourself to become consumed in the idea of money, do not see an immediate payout, and then quit. MLM companies are a marathon. Not a sprint. I struggle with keeing a schedule myself but will hopefully come up with a good system that works for me soon and post about time management as well ;).

No One Becomes A Millionaire Sitting On The Couch

If you think you are going to get rich while sitting on your couch, I am going to break the sad news to you and tell you that you can try all you want but you WILL be disappointed. Yes some people are born rich, but people are not born successful. There is a HUGE difference. In the book I am reading right now The 30 Day Money Cleanse by Ashley Feinstein Gerstley she shares that there is a money happiness threshold in which happiness does not increase anymore after earning $80,000 a year. So I am here to tell you that you don’t even have to be a millionaire! But your life can become richer than you ever imagined it could be! But the main point I was trying to make here is that if you want to make money, buy a house, life life in abundance, you have to treat your MLM like a real job and physically work it EVERY DAY. This does not necessarily mean 8 hours a day but most definitely 1 to 4 hours a day with still taking breaks on weekends.

Would You Still Like To Know Why I Joined An MLM?

I joined my first MLM when I was a single mom working 56 hours a week on night shift. So my reasons were pretty obvious.

  • I wanted more finanical freedom.
  • I wanted independence.
  • I wanted more social interaction.
  • And I enjoyed feeling empowered and supported by other women.

4 years later. My reasons are still the same.

  • I LOVE my finanical freedom.
  • I LOVE my independence.
  • I LOVE my social interactions.
  • I LOVE feeling empored and being supported bo other women.

But I also found even more value in it. I LOVE supporting and leading other women. I LOVE having a voice. I LOVE taking leadership in my family’s financial goals. I LOVE meeting new people. I LOVE being my own boss.

If you would like more information about what company I am with. Just leave a comment and I will share it with you <3.

I compared my income to effort ratios